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The Infected!
Once every 45 Minutes, this ancient insect spawns in ONE of EIGHT random locations around CustomX! The insect is very small and DOES NOT appear on your minimap as an NPC. You must teleport to the area that The Infected spawns in and be the first player to CATCH the insect. Only ONE spawns per 45 minutes. The player who catches The Infected can Harvest it or trade them, as The Infected is tradeable. When harvesting the insect, Harvesting the Infected will reward you anywhere between 1-25 Infected Keys!


Daily Boss Zone
Use The Zone Teleports To Teleport To The Daily Boss Zone

Home Area
Use The Home Teleport And Run South

Platinum Zone
Use The ::pzone Teleport To Access The Platinum Zone (must be a platinum member:$1000 donor status)

Eternal Champion
Use Your Boss Teleports And Teleport To The Elemental Champion

Heros Fountain
Use Your Minigame Teleport To Access The Heros Fountain And Run To The Fountain

Camelot City
Use Your ::camelot Teleport And Run To The Camelot Bank

Global Zone
Use Your ::global Teleport And Run To The Center

Varrock Square
Use Your ::varrock Teleport And Run To The Varrock Sqaure

Will you be able to catch him?? When The Infected spawns, he has a 25x25 Tile Radius that he can move throughout! So make sure to be quick with your teleport and try to catch him before he goes too far or before someone else does!

The Infected Chest found at ::chests

The Infected Chest AKA the CASH PRINTER!

Below are the loots you can find in the chest + the rarity of those loots:
1-250 Q Bags
Infected Serum, Treasure Island Teleport, Hween Attachment, Christmas Attachment
Jackpot (1/225):
Infected Helmet, Infected Body, Infected Legs, Infected Gloves, Infected Boots, Infected Serum

You must upgrade the Corrupt Armor using Infected Serum! (which is the current Best In Slot as of 1/15/21)

The Infected Set offers a 25% damage boost when wearing the full set! The full set is: Helm, Body, Legs, Gloves, Boots

Happy hunting!