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Price guide is only average prices! This guide is update by price guide committee, please consider asking in-game if you feel differently. Prices may vary person to person. (CTRL+ F does work to help find the specific item you want on here)

Buying Donations from other players is STRICTLY for in-game currency only! Any players attempting to buy or sell donations for any non-accepted method will be permanently banned!

current price for in name donations:

  • Under $30 in name (tbd) per 1$ 
  • over $30 in name (tbd) per 1$ 

It is suggested to use a staff member or trusted members, it is not required. If no staff or trusted players are available, you run the risk your self. We are not responsible for any donations gone wrong that did not use a staff or trusted middle man.

Before contacting a staff member or trusted members for a middleman, confirm both the buyer and the seller understand

  1. Total donation of in-store value
  2. Total payment of in-game items

If using a middleman, all items from the buyer are to be traded before seller donates.

After payment has been confirmed by the buyer via ::claim the middleman will trade over the items to the seller

Helpful tips

  • Make sure to enter the Buyer's username, not your own.
  • Double check spelling!
  • Ask questions when not 100% sure
  • Use a middle man
  • Check deals (deal days prices can vary)

Donator Ranks