Custom-X Wiki

There are some requirements to enter in raids here on custom-x:

- 250 KC At the following bosses: Broly, Ferocious Fiend, Skelagon
- Level 100 In ALL Skills (see Skilling to help with these!)

There are 2 different raids!
- 4 Waves Total
- 3 Waves of 3 Npcs
- Final Wave = Boss Fight

- 4 Waves Total
- 3 Waves of 6 NPCS
- Final Ware = 2x Boss Fights

Loot Differences
The ULTRA loot rates are as follows for the two different choices
Public: 1-650
Advanced: 1-400

Stage #1 - Sentient Demon

Weak Against: Melee Attacks
Combat Style: Magic Attacks
Special Mechanic: Magic Burst - Magic attack that strikes all raiders!

Stage #2 - Dastardly Demon

Weak Against: Magic Attacks
Combat Style: Melee Attacks
Special Mechanic: Life Sap - Will regain HP based on the damage dealt to attackers every 5th hit!

Stage #3 - Satanic Serene

Weak Against: Melee Attacks
Combat Style: Ranged Attacks
Special Mechanic: Let it Rain - Arrows rain down on every raider dealing multiple damage splats!

Stage #4 - Centiant Beast - Final Boss

Weak Against: No Specific Weakness
Combat Style: Magic & Melee
Special Mechanic: Prayer Drain - Throws several spheres at attackers, if you are hit your prayer will drain to 0!

- 10T Cash
- 20T Cash
- 30T Cash
- 40T Cash
- 50T Cash
- 1x Slayer Key Loop
- 2x Slayer Key Loop
- 1x Slayer Key Tooth
- 2x Slayer Key Tooth
- 2x 10 Boss Point Tickets
- 4x 10 Boss Point Tickets
- 6x 10 Boss Point Tickets
- 8x 10 Boss Point Tickets
- 5x Upgrade Tokens
- 10x Upgrade Tokens

- 1x Launch Casket
- 1x Owner Box
- 2x Owner Boxes
- 2x Slayer Keys
- 1Q Cash Bag
- Collectors Necklace (e)

- Warrior Spirit Shield
- Archer Spirit Shield
- Serene Spirit Shield
- Lucky Spirit Shield