Custom-X Wiki

The following are the official rules and regulations of the Custom-X Community & Game.

Be advised These rules are subject to broad interpretation by administration and may be edited at any time without official notice. The law ideal of "ex post facto" applies to all of the following, meaning that if an event takes place that the administration deems not allowed, but is not yet considered in the following regulations, you will still be punished accordingly by the hands of administration.

The mission of Custom-X's rules is to provide its community with a fair and just organized system of regulations, thereby creating a safe and respectful game-play environment.

If you are using the SAME PASSWORD on Custom-X as you are on ANY OTHER SERVER you are at risk of being HACKED !!

If you are hacked and it is NOT THE FAULT of Custom-X, which in this case it would not be, you WILL NOT BE REFUNDED!!

If this happens, it is not the fault of Custom-X or the server at all. It is YOU being unsafe with your personal information. There are owners out there who SELL personal data of their players to other server in an effort to do exactly this. Please be aware of this and PROTECT YOURSEVLES

AFKing bosses

Players are prohibited from AFKing while PVMing (including raids). We have a limited number of bosses for all the players and using up a spot while not actually being there can result in a jail.

Multi Logging

Players are allowed to have up to 2 accounts online for the same IP/Mac/UID at any given time. Along with that, your 2 accounts can not be doing the same Multi Combat boss or minigame.

Third Party Software/AutoClicking

Player are not allowed to use any software that will render in a disadvantage to other players. This includes items such as DDoS Tools/Websites, Cheat Clients allowing personal advantages over other players, auto-typers, etc. Using 3rd party software, bots or autoclickers for anything other then skilling can get your account banned without warning. Multiple instances will be a full ban from the server. It will not be tolerated.

Hacking, Password Sharing, and Scamming

Players are not allowed to hack other or deceive players in any way. Sharing accounts or passwords is strictly against the rules and will result in all account(s) being banned.

Yell Channel
The yell channel is not to be used as a place of argument or flaming. If you have an argument with another player, take it to private messages. The failure to do this will result in 24-48 hours mutes.

Giving Out Items

You are not allowed to give out over 500T in items or cash to another player within 24 hours. If you are caught doing this, which is harmful to our global economy, your account will be stripped of 2x the wealth you gave out.

Donations, Refunds, & Fraud

All purchases and payments are final. Chargebacks are strictly forbidden as this is a false claim. A refund will ONLY ever be issued if there is a malfunction where you DO NOT RECEIVE YOUR ITEMS! Other than that, any attempt at a charge-back will result in a mass-ban and account wipe.


Real World Trading (RWT) such as selling or buying accounts, in-game items or in-game wealth for real-life money or any other game wealth is not allowed.

Staff Impersonation

You are not allowed to impersonate any player or staff, this includes fan boy accounts or staff based titles.


Players are not allowed to advertise for another server or website (including advertising youtube videos ingame). Advertised sites may be malicious software and is highly recommended against visiting. Advertising will not be tolerated in-game, nor on forums will result in an immediate IPMute or IPBan.