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All new players should use these commands immediately when starting to ensure you are setting yourself up for success. By using the below commands, you will get free items, money, drop rate, donor rank and best of all it only takes a quick second to do all of them! Commands to use when starting

  • (::tutorial) – At the end of this, you will be able to choose an icon, select the DR icon or damage icon of your desired style!
  • (::YouTube) or (::yt) - make sure you leave a 40 char comment with your ign: puturnamehere at the top of the msg (edited)
  • (::vote) - vote bags give you an item + 20 mins of extra xp
  • (::toplist) - free donor rank!
  • (::bonus) - free 10% DR bonus
  • (::starter) - few different choices here, this is where you can get free bones for prayer(use on alter at home)!

Helpful Hints
use the commands (::guide) or (::guide) for extra options!
Some other useful Commands:(::chests)(::upgrade)(::train)(::wiki)(::donate)(::afk)(::items)(::yt)
Right click money pouch, click open price checker (this is called the pawn shop where you can buy the starter gear u found in ::items that u want.

Well of GoodWill
To fill the well, it costs a COLLECTIVE 5,000,000 (5-1m coins or 5,000-1k coins) which can be contributed by any player online in any amount over 1k coin.
The bonus lasts for 100 minutes, offers 30% Bonus EXP, 50% Bonus Drop Rate/Double Drop Rate, 2x Boss Drops + Raid Drops

Daily Bonuses

  • Monday: 2x magic damage
  • Tuesday: 2x melee damage
  • Wednesday: 2x Slayer Points
  • Thursday: 2x range damage
  • Friday: NO Requirements day
  • Saturday, Sunday: Infinite Prayer + 2x EXP

For more information on Ironman and Hardcore ironman see here

Only continue onto the further portion of the guide once you have completed the above steps (commands) as they are INTEGRAL

Information gathered by Cruw and looked over by others in the community. info modified to fit correctly on wiki by you stromy :P

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