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There are two different routes you can go when starting on Custom-X!

You can start your journey through Slayer or you can start your journey through the Zone!

Utilizing the Wiki while playing will help you immensely during your journey here on Custom-X!

Helpful Hints
use the commands (::starterguide) for extra options!
use the commands (::locus) to get free bones for 99 prayer!

Some other useful Commands:(::chests)(::upgrade)(::train)(::wiki)(::donate)(::afk)

Slayer Start

Start by speaking to the Slayer Masters just south of the ::market teleport!

Use your Slayer Skill Tab to set your slayer master to Vannaka.

Complete a few of his tasks until you obtain enough slayer points to buy a weapon from his point shop or you receive a drop from one of the monsters.


I would not recommend moving past Vannaka until you have a better weapon than your starter gear.

While slaying, you will obtain randomized crate drops such as Cash Crates, Slayer Crates, and Reward Crates! These crates contain various amounts of cash, weapons, armor and other useful gear to help you progress!


The higher your slayer TIER, the more likely these crates are to drop while slaying.

You can advance your slayer tier by MAXING the skill and then right clicking it in your Skill Tab and click the Prestige Option!

Continue to progress and use higher tier slayer monsters as you train the skill.

You will naturally accumulate more gear from the monsters, point shop, or crate drops!

Zone Guide

Start off by typing ::train !

This will teleport you to the Training Zone!

Here you can talk to the Training Captain who can teleport you to Zone One! With each kill here, you will earn 1x Train Points!


You can spend these points on Trainee Armor and Weapons in the captains shop!


The alien NPC's also drop the armor at a 1/250 chance, as well as the weapons!


You can also purchase a Zone 2 Entry ticket from the shop, which will allow you to attack the Shadow NPCs!


These NPC's drop the Shadow Set & Weapons a much better version of the Trainee gear but the NPCs are much harder to kill! However, they offer 2x Train Points when killed instead of one!

To fill the well, it costs a COLLECTIVE 100,000 B-Bags which can be contributed by any player online in any amount over 1000 bags.
Best way to get to well: use the command ::edge

If you donate more than 10,000 bags, you will receive an increased personal drop rate of 5% while the bonus is active.

The bonus lasts for two hours and offers 30% Bonus EXP & 10% Bonus Drop Rate

Monday: 2x Vote Points
Tuesday: 2x Boss Points
Wednesday: 2x Slayer Points
Thursday: 2x Boss Control Points

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Infinite Prayer + 2x EXP

We want to make achieving donator ranks much more obtainable in-game. These scrolls will allow you to accumulate Rank Total amount, so that you can earn every rank in-game totally F2P (without having to actually donate)! Obviously it will take time to achieve the higher ranks. These scrolls will be obtainable several ways in-game! There are 4 different Rank Amount Scrolls (5, 10, 25, 50) which are both tradeable and sellable!

Rank Funds Shop

When purchasing scrolls from this shop, your Rank Funds do not decrease. This so you can continue to build up your rank funds to afford higher donator ranks! These rank scrolls are not tradeable or sellabe! They are only used to get you to the next donation rank!

The Content Zone comes with the Content Boss and the Content Set! The Content Boss is the only NPC in-game that drops the Owner Box! The Content Zone can be utilized by any of our đŸ“șContent Creator'sđŸ“ș who decide to use it!

They can spawn the Content Boss for you all to kill together and go for its drops! The boss drops up to 50 Players, so make sure to be there for their streams!

The Content Set offers hybrid stats that are a bit better than the Immortal Set! So it is definitely something for you to go for. Every content zone boss kill will also drop you 1x Content Point! These Content Points can be spent in the Content Point Store for some awesome goodies!

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